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Simple fault identification and troubleshooting for power unit of lifting platform

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Simple fault identification and troubleshooting for power unit of lifting platform

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1. The motor does not rotate and check the accuracy of the connection line.Simple fault identification and troubleshooting for power unit of lifting platform

2. When the motor starts, the cylinder will not rise or rise unsteadily

(1) the oil level in the cylinder is too low, refueling to the specified oil level;

(2) if the viscosity of the oil is too large or too small, please use the recommended hydraulic oil;(3) the oil absorption filter is blocked, clean or replace the filter;

(4) pipe is not sealed or leaked, leakage is detected, seal is not sealed, tubing maintenance or replacement;(5) if the solenoid valve or manual valve is not closed, clean the solenoid valve, manual valve or replace it;??In the hydraulic system, the vibration source (such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, motor, etc.) often causes the resonance of the bottom plate, pipeline, etc., or the resonance of the pump, valve, etc., the noise is very big.For this phenomenon, the natural vibration frequency of the pipe can be changed by changing the length of the pipe, and some valve installation position changes can be eliminated.Simple fault identification and troubleshooting for power unit of lifting platform

The hydraulic fluid has deteriorated or is contaminated.There may be impurities or deterioration in the hydraulic oil after a long time of use.Samples should be taken to check for liquid particles, discoloration and odor, and hydraulic oil should be replaced if necessary.Hydraulic pump is also a key factor affecting the flow of hydraulic oil.Hydraulic pump for a long time after use, it is easy to cause wear.When the speed of the hydraulic lifting platform is slow, check whether the oil supply flow of the hydraulic pump is constant.In case of wear and tear, please contact the manufacturer in time to avoid the warranty period.

The lift platform power unit is optimized for a variety of applications, such as trucks in harsh environments, heavy-duty operations in long-term use, and other applications that require high performance and quality.This has resulted in an extremely versatile platform that USES standard components to handle most application conditions required by the market, minimizes customer hydraulic component inventory, and significantly reduces the workload of non-standard designs. 

The structure of the micro-hydraulic station is mainly different in the structure of the pump, installation location and cooling method.

1. According to the mechanism form and installation position of the pump device, it can be divided into:

1) upper vertical: the pump unit is mounted vertically on the oil tank cover, mainly used for quantitative pump system. 

2) upper horizontal: the pump unit is mounted horizontally on the oil tank cover. It is mainly used for variable pump system to facilitate flow regulation. 

3) side mounting: the pump unit is mounted horizontally on a separate base next to the fuel tank.Side mounted can be equipped with spare pump, mainly for 250 tank capacity.L. System with motor power greater than 7.5kw. 

2. According to the cooling mode of the station, it can be divided into:

1) natural cooling: the idea of relying on heat exchange between the fuel tank itself and the air, usually for systems with a capacity of less than 250 litres. 

2) forced cooling: the cooler is used for forced cooling, usually for systems with a capacity greater than 250 liters.Hydraulic station to the effective oil storage tank and motor power as the main technical parameters.Fuel tank capacity of 18 kinds of specification (unit: l/l) : 25,40,63,100,160,250,400,630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3200,4000,5000, 6000, according to the user's requirements and conditions of use, according to the working condition of series hydraulic station can do the following: 1 according to the system configuration integrated block, or no integration;2 cooler, heater and battery can be set;Electrical control device can be set, or no electrical control device can be needed.

3. According to the form of oil tank, it can be divided into:

1) ordinary steel plate: the case is welded with 5MM to 6MM steel plate, and the panel is made of 10-12mm steel plate.If there are too many openings, the reinforcing material can be thickened or strengthened appropriately. 

2) stainless steel plate: the box body is made of 304 stainless steel plate with a thickness of 2-3mm. The thickness of the plate is 3-5mm. The reinforcement increases the load-bearing part. 

3) it is difficult to achieve anti-rust treatment in the tank of ordinary steel plate.Rust entering the oil circulation system can cause many faults.An all-stainless steel design solves this industry problem. 

Our company reminds the customer that the precautions for the use of the hydraulic station are as follows:

1. At low temperature, the oil temperature should reach above 20°C for sequential operation;When the oil temperature is above 60°C, the operating conditions of the system should be noted.

2. For the equipment that has been shut down for more than 4 hours, the hydraulic pump should start the actuator after running for 5 minutes without load.

3. It is not allowed to adjust the interlock device of the electrical control device system arbitrarily, and move each limit switch freely, stop block and travel block position.

4, without the consent of the competent authorities, shall not arbitrarily move various hydraulic components and auxiliary components, and notify the relevant departments to analyze the reasons and eliminate.

Hydraulic transmission process will produce more energy loss, hydraulic transmission easy to leak, not only pollute the site, but also may cause fire.You may want to read about how to deal with hydraulic devices in the event of an oil leak, and the inside knowledge can be used to help you when you encounter such an event in the future.The high requirements of the work environment require very strict execution procedures.Disadvantages such as high requirements for operating temperature.







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