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Vehicle lift platform power unit

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Vehicle lift platform power unit

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■ how does it work for the hydraulic power unit of the car lifter

After the lifting platform power unit starts the motor, start buffer valve spool reverse gradually (reverse time 0.5-1 seconds).After the spool is in place, the cylinder action is lifted.After the motor stops, the check valve and the check valve of the unloading valve keep the cylinder at its original height without dropping.Open the unloading valve to achieve the function of reducing;The rate of descent can be adjusted by the return throttle.When the motor unloading valve power device power failure, can be reduced by manual oil discharge;Remove the manual drain valve nut and turn the manual drain screw 30° counterclockwise.When the descent is complete, tighten the hand drain screw and tighten the nut.

■ main features of the product

Adopt high pressure gear pump with small displacement, displacement of 1-7ml/r, maximum pressure up to 25MPa.

Ac motor, voltage 220V, 380V, quadrupole motor speed 1440rpm, bipolar motor speed 2880rpm, power 1.5~3KW

All valves are threaded and inserted in small size and low cost.

Steel fuel tank internal phosphating treatment, capacity of 6-12 l.

Hydraulic cylinders can be manually or electrically controlled.The solenoid valve voltage is DC12V or 24V.

The system adopts a closed structure to prevent external pollution.Filter with 100 mesh copper mesh.

It can be equipped with a transfer valve for both lifts.Hydraulic power unit for automobile lifter

■ adjustment method

The factory test set the system pressure, generally 6-18mpa.If additional pressure is required, remove the relief cover.Turn the adjusting screw clockwise.The pressure increases by about 1.2MPa for each rotation of 45°.Instead, lower the pressure.

The rate of descent of the product can be adjusted by throttle valve.Adjusting method: loosen the throttle valve, tighten the nut, and rotate the throttle valve core.(clockwise deceleration and vice versa) it is recommended to rotate about 15° each time during debugging.At the end of the adjustment, the fastening nut should be tightened tightly and the throttling plug should be prevented from rotating during the tightening process.

■ points for attention

For systems with three-phase power supply, the motor should be micro - moved to check whether the motor is rotating correctly.

The power unit cannot run continuously.It takes one minute to turn on and should be stopped for nine minutes.After cooling, the operation can be repeated.If the user needs to work continuously, the power unit of ningbo stacked high car;It must be noted when ordering.

Clean hydraulic fluid should be used;Viscosity of 15-68 CST, recommended use of N46 hydraulic oil.

Check the oil level in the tank immediately after the first boot of the operating system.

The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first operation of the system for 100 hours and every 3000 hours.

This product is suitable for vertical installation with fuel tank located below.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the oil pump, it can prevent dirt invasion and damage, extend the service life.It is necessary to clean or change the oil filter regularly.

To ensure personal safety, the motor must be reliably grounded.

A voltage stabilizer with a 220V voltage unit shall be prepared.Ensure motor and related electrical components are not damaged due to undervoltage.

To protect the pump motor and electrical components, avoid frequent inching of the system.



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