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Manual lifting hydraulic cylinder control power unit

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Manual lifting hydraulic cylinder control power unit

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Manual lifting hydraulic cylinder control power unit/with the continuous improvement of mute, energy saving, man-machine friendly and other requirements, electric hydraulic power unit gradually evolved from discrete structure, motor oil pump group, hydraulic motor pump valve integrated hydraulic power unit (hydraulic power battery) direction.The integrated hydraulic power unit has become one of the important directions to promote the development of hydraulic technology.The electro-hydraulic power unit has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, compact simplicity, clean and durable, which overcomes many disadvantages of traditional electro-hydraulic power unit.

Maintenance of electro-hydraulic power unit:

1, pay attention to keep the executive components and pipelines clean, prevent dirt into the system.

2, pay attention to maintain the oil level in the oil tank, after a certain cycle of work, appropriate oil filling.If the pump suction air will cause damage to the pump and seal damage.

3. Replace the new oil after the first addition of hydraulic oil for 100 hours.After that, replace the oil once a year (about 1500 working hours).

4. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is generally 22 ~ 46mm2/s.

5, high working environment temperature with high viscosity hydraulic oil, low working environment temperature with low viscosity hydraulic oil.Manual lifting hydraulic cylinder control power unit

High voltage power unit/test bed equipment features

· lightweight equipment, convenient operation and simple maintenance;

· the power unit of ningbo stacker adopts American imported pneumatic pump as the pressure source. The test pressure is high, up to 500MPa. The output pressure can be adjusted stepless, and the booster rate can be set freely.

· special manual pressurization accessory device, which can be used in the place without compressed air source and can accurately control the output pressure;

· all pump valves and pipelines are made of 316 stainless steel, imported from the United States and applicable to water, oil, emulsion and most other liquid pressure testing media;

Typical applications of high voltage power unit/test bed:

· power of hydraulic tools, such as the power unit of bolt puller;

· performance testing and calibration of instruments;

· static and dynamic tests of wholesale aerospace accessories for the power unit of the stack car;

· inject chemical reagent into the pipeline and reaction kettle;

· pressure testing of valves, pipelines, pressure vessels and other pressurized equipment;

· various pressure bearing components on the vehicle, such as brake pump, water pump, cylinder body, etc.;





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