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Introduction to forklift power unit

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Introduction to forklift power unit

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Typical application: introduction of forklift power unit

1. Power of hydraulic tools, such as the power unit of bolt puller

2. Performance test and calibration of instruments

3. Static and dynamic test of aerospace accessories

4. Inject the chemical reagent into the pipeline and reaction kettle

5. Pressure detection of valves, pipelines, pressure vessels and other pressurized equipment

6. All kinds of pressure components on the automobile, such as brake pump, water pump, cylinder body, pump shell, etc., are suitable for static hydraulic testing and leakage testing on other occasions, such as air conditioning compressor shell, heat exchanger, heat exchanger, hydraulic hose, hydraulic engineering components, etc

Hydraulic power unit

Equipment features:

The equipment is lightweight, easy to move, easy to use and easy to maintain

Hydraulic pressure source produced by imported pneumatic pump is applicable to the range of pressure from 5Mpa to 740Mpa. According to the actual test pressure range required by users, power unit/portable test bench of corresponding grade is customized

Select the special handle pressure device, can be the actual manual pneumatic dual-use operation mode, no air source as a driving occasion, can use the handle pressure device more accurate control of the output pressure size, applicable pressure range of 0Mpa to 100Mpa

All the high-pressure pump valves and pipelines are made of imported stainless steel, with corresponding pressure level high-pressure table, suitable for water, oil, emulsion and most other liquid media

The low-pressure part is generally equipped with a filter, sewage valve, stainless steel liquid tank, liquid level meter, no special requirements are generally equipped with about 5 liters of oil tank

The reference size (length, width and height) of the equipment is about 400mm×320mm×500mm. The specific size is subject to the external size of the actual delivered equipment

Hydraulic station is also called the hydraulic pump station, motor drive the oil pump, pump oil from the oil pump after the preview, can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure and hydraulic oil through the integrated block (or valve) by hydraulic valve realizes the direction, pressure, flow rate adjustment after the external transmission line to the oil cylinder of hydraulic machinery or oil motor, so as to control the size of the liquid motive direction transformation, power and speed of speed, drive all kinds of hydraulic machinery work is done.

It according to the drive device (host) requirements for oil supply, and control the direction of oil flow, pressure and flow, it is suitable for the host and hydraulic device can be separated under a variety of hydraulic machinery.After the customer purchases, as long as the hydraulic station is connected with the actuator on the main engine (oil cylinder and oil motor) with tubing, the hydraulic machinery can realize all kinds of specified actions and working cycles.

The working principle of

Hydraulic station, also known as hydraulic pump station, is an independent hydraulic device, it according to the drive device (host) requirements for oil supply, and control the direction of oil flow, pressure and flow, suitable for the host and hydraulic device can be separated under a variety of hydraulic machinery.

The motor drives the oil pump to rotate, the pump sucks oil from the oil tank and then pumps oil, converting the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure energy components

A functional unit

Hydraulic station is composed of pump device, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank, electrical box combination, each component function is as follows:

Pump unit - equipped with motor and oil pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic station, mechanical energy into hydraulic oil power.

Integrated block - is a combination of hydraulic valve and channel body.It carries out direction, pressure and flow regulation to hydraulic oil.

Valve assembly - plate valve installed on the vertical plate, plate after the pipe connection, and integrated block function.

Oil tank - a semi-closed steel welded container with an oil screen, air filter, etc. It is used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.

Electrical box -- divided into two forms: a terminal board with external leads;One is equipped with a full set of control appliances.

Components of hydraulic system

Motor, gear pump -- to provide a driving force for the hydraulic system.

The electromagnetic directional valve -- control the direction of hydraulic oil flow, change the direction of movement of the cylinder.

Electromagnetic overflow valve - to prevent the entire hydraulic system overpressure, equivalent to the safety valve, protect the safety of the oil pump and oil system and keep the pressure of the hydraulic system constant.

Pressure reducing valve -- by adjusting pressure reducing valve can meet the requirements of different working mechanism need different working pressure, so that the secondary oil pressure is lower than the primary oil pressure.

[5] speed regulating valve -- to throttle the oil road speed regulating, can change the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder executive components.

• • • hydraulic oil filter -- there are two oil filter ports in the hydraulic station.One installed in the gear pump oil suction mouth, so as not to inhale the oil tank hydraulic particles and other impurities.The other one is installed in the hydraulic oil conveying pipeline of the system to remove impurities in the hydraulic oil, but also to remove the gelatinous, asphaltene and carbonized particles generated by the chemical changes of the hydraulic oil itself.So as to prevent the valve core stuck, blocked damping hole and other failures.The pipe system is equipped with a differential pressure alarm device. When the filter element is blocked, a signal will be sent and the filter element should be cleaned or replaced.

Pressure gauge - used to show the working pressure of the hydraulic station, so that the operator can control the oil pressure.

Being air filter installed on the fuel tank, have triple effect, one is to prevent the pollutants in the air into the tank;Second, the role of ventilation, to avoid the phenomenon of suction empty oil pump;Third, and do hydraulic oil supplement port.

'levies oil level gauge, installed in the tank side, shows that the hydraulic oil level.

⑽ thermometer - some thermometer mounted on the tank, showed that the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

⑾ connection pipe, conveying hydraulic drive, most of the steel pipe, also useful pressure hose.








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