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Non - standard hydraulic station

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Non - standard hydraulic station

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1. Hydraulic power unit should be installed correctly and connected correctly.Note whether the voltage of the motor and solenoid valve is consistent with the power supply (see the electrical schematic diagram), and whether the motor rotation direction is correct (clockwise from the end of the shaft).

2. The working pressure of the hydraulic power unit has been adjusted before delivery. In order to ensure a good working condition, please do not adjust it casually.

3, hydraulic power unit should be used oil viscosity for the 43 mm/s (50 ℃) 27 anti-wear hydraulic oil, the oil temperature is lower than 50 ℃ is recommended when YA - N46, oil temperature is above 50 ℃ is recommended when YA - N68, join the oil should be filtered to 30 um filter precision, regular addition amount is 80% of the fuel tank volume, conventional oil temperature should be within the scope of the - 10 ~ 80 ℃, cold area in particular, should use the hydraulic oil at low temperature, such as YA - N32 by mechanical blending.5. The conventional dc motor has a gap working system S2=2 4min(one start time);S3=10%ED (continuous working time accounts for 10% of the time of one working cycle), which cannot be operated continuously.If the choice of 10min working system ac motor, can not work continuously.

I. simple fault identification and troubleshooting

1, the motor does not turn, check the accuracy of the connection line.

1. High system noise

(1) there is air in the system, which can be eliminated by repeated operation several times;(2) if the coupling is not properly installed or worn, check and re-install or replace it;(3) if the motor fails, check the motor and replace it if necessary;

(4) do not work under extreme pressure for a long time, the relief valve begins to overflow when it stops working.

2. When unloading, the oil cylinder will not fall or fall unsteadily

(1) if the solenoid valve is not energized, check the electrical circuit;

(2) the input voltage of the solenoid valve does not meet the requirements, check the voltage and reach the standard value;(3) if the solenoid valve or manual valve filter is blocked, remove and clean or replace the valve core;(4) if the electromagnet is damaged due to long energizing time or overheating, check whether the voltage is over voltage and confirm the input electrical signal;(5) throttle valve or pressure compensation valve is blocked, adjusted or replaced.



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Address:No. 6007, zhenpu road, xiepu town, zhenhai district, Ningbo

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