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Hydraulic station

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Hydraulic station

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I. basic composition:

From the overall composition analysis, in fact, the general composition can be divided into three parts, respectively for the power system, hydraulic system and electrical system.The power system is mainly composed of engine, transfer box, air filter, intake radiator, intercooler, muffler, battery and fuel tank.The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic oil cooler, hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank and regulating oil cylinder.The electrical system includes the electrical components and the controller integrated in two electrical control cabinets.

Ii. Troubleshooting

1. The system does not maintain pressure, and the oil cylinder falls down when maintaining pressure

(1) if the hydraulic one-way valve is not sealed, clean the one-way valve or replace the oil seal;(2) solenoid valve, manual valve is not sealed, clean or replace the oil seal;(3) eliminate the non-pressure retaining of the cylinder itself and connect the manometer directly to the oil outlet. If the pressure retaining is normal, it is a problem of the actuator.

2. Check and replace the o-ring if there is oil leakage or seepage between the oil tank and the valve block, and the o-ring is worn or broken.

3, motor back cover or motor and valve block between oil leakage or leakage

(1) if the valve block is leaking oil at high pressure, remove the motor for inspection. If so, inform the manufacturer to replace the whole power unit;(2) the skeleton of the gear pump oil seal loose, replace the gear pump.

4. After the switch is cut off, the motor continues to operate

(1) electrical connection error, check and correct wiring;

(2) if the start switch is burnt out, check the power failure and replace the start switch;(3) ac contactor burns out, check the power failure, and replace the ac contactor.

5. High system noise

(1) there is air in the system, and the system works repeatedly for several times to eliminate air;(2) if the auxiliary coupling of the power unit is not properly installed or worn, check and re-install or replace it;(3) if the motor fails, check the motor and replace it if necessary;

(4) do not work under extreme pressure for a long time, the relief valve begins to overflow when it stops working.

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