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Industrial hydraulic power plant

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Industrial hydraulic power plant

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The hydraulic power unit is used as an oil supply device and is connected to several hydraulic cylinders through an external piping system to control multiple sets of valves.The fuel tank, oil pump and accumulator form an independent airtight power source system.

The station can be equipped with a PLC control system that controls all internal hydraulic functions and generates signals for exchange with the control room (DCS).Control elements such as hydraulic servo valve are directly mounted on the hydraulic cylinder, through which the high-pressure oil is fed into the cylinder or discharged from it.

Hydraulic power unit

Under normal conditions, the oil pump supplies oil to the system, automatically maintains the rated pressure of the system, and realizes the position protection function of the valve in any position through the locking of the pressure control valve.In the working state, the hydraulic actuator is controlled by the solenoid valve, the system command signal makes the solenoid valve move, control the oil pressure and the energy release of the accumulator, and then control the oil cylinder slide valve, drive the valve through the mechanical transmission mechanism, and implement the quick closing, normal opening and closing and test control.

The high pressure cylinder can be fixed on the valve stem or directly used as an actuator.The excess hydraulic oil is returned to the hydraulic station so that the piping system can control several parallel valves with one inlet pipe and one return pipe.This hydraulic station with special drive technology is used to control the actuators of the main steam valve and the turbine bypass system.

The power unit is designed to be optimized for a variety of applications, such as truck operation in harsh environments, heavy lifting for extended periods of time, and other applications that require high performance and quality products.The result is an extremely versatile platform that USES standard components to cope with the majority of application conditions required by the market, which minimizes the customer's inventory of hydraulic components and greatly reduces the workload of non-standard design.

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Address:No. 6007, zhenpu road, xiepu town, zhenhai district, Ningbo

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