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Solenoid valve normally closed type

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Solenoid valve normally closed type

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Heaven and earth hydraulic





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Minimum order quantity:

10 sets of

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600.00-1500.00 / sets

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Carton packing, wooden pallet packing

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25 working days after the payment is received in advance

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Supply capacity:

5500 a month

Nowadays, the application range of hydraulic power unit is getting wider and wider. In practical application, the working performance of hydraulic power unit often directly affects the running state of the whole system.Therefore, we need to take some measures to ensure its flexible operation during the use.

As a user, in view of various abnormal problems encountered during the use, the cause of the problem should be timely found out for analysis, and find solutions.For example, if you find that the hydraulic power unit motor does not turn, or reverse, then you need to check the line problem.If it is reversed, you need to put the wire transposition connection can be solved.

There is also a more common situation, that is, in the work of the hydraulic power unit, the motor can be started normally, but the cylinder is not in place or when the time to stop unstable.Why does this happen?The reasons can be considered from six aspects: 1. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank is not added in place.2. If there is gas in the oil cylinder or oil pipe, remove the oil pipe and install it;3. The wiring of the reversing valve is wrong, so that the reversing valve does not reach its application function. If the oil returns to the oil tank from the reversing valve, it is necessary to check whether the wiring of the reversing valve is correct;4, pressure regulating valve regulating pressure is too small, at this time should be first increased, and then adjust to the appropriate pressure size;5. If the reversing valve or manual valve is not closed, remove it for cleaning or replacement;6, gear pump oil outlet seal damage, remove and replace the seal.

In addition, there may be problems such as no drop or instability of the cylinder when the hydraulic power unit is unloading.At this time may be due to the solenoid valve is not connected or connected normally, or the voltage is not up to standard, need to check the circuit.Also may be due to the electrification time is too long or the voltage is too high, resulting in overheating, the electromagnet is burned out, should replace the solenoid valve.

In addition, during the use of hydraulic power unit, may encounter some other problems, such as electrical components or circuit break, damage, timely replacement of electrical components.Or if the hydraulic power unit works for a long time, the oil temperature rises high, the noise is big, the oil cylinder is not working normally or out of control, the power package should be stopped in time.

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