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Two position two way - solenoid valve - normally open type

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Two position two way - solenoid valve - normally open type

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Product introduction:

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Brand name:

Heaven and earth hydraulic





Terms of payment and shipment:

Minimum order quantity:

10 sets of

Reference price:

600.00-1500.00 / sets

Package details:

Carton packing, wooden pallet packing

Delivery time:

25 working days after the payment is received in advance

Payment terms:


Supply capacity:

5500 a month

In practical application, hydraulic system pollution, leakage, impact, vibration and noise problems, these are the design and use of general power units need to pay attention to several key issues.At the same time these key parameters for the use and operation of the entire hydraulic system will play a great impact.

In the process of power unit operation, if there are more pollutants in the oil, the slide valve jam fault will occur between the gaps of the slide valve, which will lead to the damping or throttling holes in the hydraulic components blocking the failure of components and other problems.In fact, about half of the fault problems in hydraulic systems are caused by contamination of hydraulic oil.Therefore, the control of hydraulic oil is very important during production.

In addition to precautions taken to prevent contamination, leakage must be avoided as much as possible.If for some reason the oil exceeds the boundary and flows out of the other tank or system where it should not, it is called a leak.If leakage occurs, it will certainly affect the action of the power unit.The internal leakage is a leakage from the high-pressure cavity of the element to the low-pressure cavity, while the external leakage is a leakage from the middle flow of the element or pipe to the outside.

At the same time in the process of working hydraulic system, there will be different degrees of impact.This is because during the action of the power unit, there is for some reason a sharp alternating rise and fall in pressure. This damped fluctuation process is called hydraulic impact.Hydraulic impact makes the instantaneous pressure of the system many times larger than the normal pressure. This phenomenon often causes damage and failure of hydraulic components, pipelines and sealing devices, causing system vibration and noise.

Finally, the whole system should be controlled to avoid abnormal vibration or noise.In fact, these two situations are quite common. During the action of the power unit, the vibration is the inherent characteristic of the elastic object, and the noise originates from the vibration. The vibration of the audible noise is called the sound source, so the control of noise is attributed to the control of vibration.

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Address:No. 6007, zhenpu road, xiepu town, zhenhai district, Ningbo

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