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Ningbo hydraulic valve block design

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Ningbo hydraulic valve block design

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The harvester is used to complete the first steps of the cereal crop, separating, separating stems and removing impurities. The farmer can harvest the grain directly from the field.The emergence of wheat harvester has improved the working efficiency of farmers. It is very necessary to understand the common faults and solutions of wheat harvester.

1. Excessive entrainment loss in row grass.

1.Main clutch belt or stripping belt is not tensioned.Tensioning triplet and deltailing.

2.The user USES the foot throttle instead of the hand throttle or the engine hand throttle is not added to the maximum.Readjust the throttle cable, use the throttle and add to maximum.

3.Feeding amount is larger or the crop is wet.Through reducing the walking speed, improving the stubble, reducing the cutting pair and other methods to reduce the amount of feeding.

4.The "dead zone" before and after the grid concave plate of the threshing chamber was blocked.Open the inspection hole and carefully clean the blocked area.

Axial flow drum separation plate wear, so that the separation effect is reduced.Replace all separation plates.

6.Due to engine failure caused by insufficient power, drum speed down, and then lead to entrainment loss or other food loss phenomenon.Engine failure, generally should first check the air filter, tubing, or oil.

2. Excessive cleaning loss

1. The wind volume is on the high side, and the seeds are blown out together with the bran.Adjust the width of the windshield (install two random windshields if necessary).

2. The opening of the sieve was too small, and the seeds did not fall into the auger in time.Adjust the opening of each screen properly, and pay attention to the miscellaneous contents in the granary.

3, the grain is too dry, the stem is easy to be broken, so that the cleaning load increased.Early harvest or improved stubble.

4. Too much feeding and insufficient screening.Reduce the amount of feeding (reduce the walking speed, improve the stubble, reduce the cutting range).

5, lifting machine hydraulic power unit plate teeth drum and axial flow drum speed is too high, so that the stem is too broken.Reduce the speed of the tooth plate drum, when necessary, by changing the belt wheel of the axial flow drum, reduce the speed of the axial flow drum.

6. Wet crops or blocked screen surface.Delayed or timely harvest, clean screen surface.

7. If the air volume is too small or the fan speed drops, the seeds will not disperse in the bran, and glume bran does not show "boiling" state.Adjust the fan adjust the wind plate or replace the fan belt pulley, raise the fan speed 8, curtain damage.More shift curtain.

2. Compound device is blocked

1, clear c3759 belt too loose (gold whirlwind for hi3821).Tensioning clear belt.

2. Small opening degree of the upper sieve, large opening degree of the tail sieve and large miscellaneous allowance.Adjust the opening of the upper screen and the lower screen, adjust the opening of the small tail screen.

3. Wet crops, large feeding amount and large miscellaneous residue.Reduce the amount of feed.

4, the retractor safety clutch spring preloaded torque is insufficient, retractor resistance is not big when the safety clutch slip.Clear the plug of the retractor and check the pre-tightening torque of the safety clutch.

5. As the elevator, fan and compound device are all on the same transmission chain, if the wrong speed of the elevator chain leads to high resistance, the speed of the compound device will also decrease, which is easy to cause repeated blockage.

Re-high speed hoist chain, reduce the movement resistance;

6. The impeller blade of the complex extractor is deformed, making the complex extractor repeatedly blocked.Replace with a new piece.

Fourth, the grain in the granary contains mixed rate on the high side

1, the single role of manual pump manufacturers on the screen before the screen plate opening is larger.Reduce the opening of the front section of the upper sieve.

2. The opening of the upper and lower screen plates is also larger.Reduce the opening of screen.

3. The air volume is small.Adjust wind plate or increase fan speed.

4, the tail screen opened larger, some stem debris is thrown repeatedly thrown cylinder, some debris through the upper screen and the lower screen into the granary.The tail screen should be lowered appropriately.

The cutting table cannot be raised

1. The operating pressure of multi-way valve relief valve is low.Adjust the operating pressure of the relief valve spring.

2. The rubber ring of the multi-way valve sealing high-pressure oil and low-pressure oil is damaged.Replace the apron.

3, gear pump belt is not tensioned.Tighten the belt as required.

4 gear pump internal leakage, the establishment of normal pressure and flow.Generally is the shaft sleeve wear, boring serious reasons, when necessary for a new pump.

5, cutting table oil cylinder throttle hole dirty plug or hair card.Remove cylinder joint to remove dirt.

6, single stable shunt valve spool stuck, sealed to the multi-way valve oil.Remove and wash single stable shunt valve and replace it if necessary.

Turn heavy

1, the oil tank hydraulic oil is insufficient or oil viscosity is too large.Fill with hydraulic fluid, using standard viscosity oil.

2. Single stable shunt valve spool or damping hole is blocked by dirt.Clean single channel stable shunt valve and replace with new oil if necessary.

3. The pressure of the relief valve of single stable shunt valve is lower than the working pressure or the relief valve is stuck with dirt.Adjust relief valve pressure (add adjusting pad or clean relief valve).

The steel ball one-way valve in the steering valve body fails.If the ball is missing, put into the ball;If there is dirt stuck steel ball should be cleaned.

5. Air in the steering system.Queue the air in the system and check the suction line.

6, gear pump oil supply is insufficient.If the gear pump leakage, then need to replace.

7. The oil return filter of the hydraulic oil tank is blocked.Clean the oil filter;8. When replacing the single-stability valve, reconnect the oil port with the oil port of the steering device.Reinstall as required.

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