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Hydraulic valve block design

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Hydraulic valve block design

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Although the hydraulic system works in a similar way, the technology is different due to the poor downhole working environment.If workers do not operate according to certain regulations, the hydraulic system will not work normally.When the hydraulic power unit system of the covered car fails, there will be different noises, which can be analyzed and repaired according to the sound.

When there is noise from the hydraulic power unit of the capping car, observe whether there is air suction phenomenon. This is due to the mixture of oil and air, which generates air cavitation in the high-pressure part of the machine and the pressure propagation, resulting in a large amount of oil discharge and forming bubbles.

When the noise of the hydraulic power unit of the capping car is cool and large, the above problems should be solved first.Secondly, observe whether the internal composition of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic power unit of the capping car is good or not, and whether there is any collision with surrounding parts, wear and other conditions, and timely replace.

When the motor and the hydraulic pump are in good condition, observe the surface of the hydraulic pump distribution plate is the accumulation of wear or dust stains, if the situation, timely treatment, it will affect the normal operation speed of the machine, increase the machine energy consumption.

If the operator can safely and carefully use the hydraulic power unit of the covered car, timely noise treatment, can greatly improve the service life of the device.

Hydraulic power unit of lifting platform

Micro hydraulic power unit is a kind of micro hydraulic power pump station which USES insert valve block to connect motor, pump, valve and oil tank together.Compared with the hydraulic station of the same specification, it has the characteristics of compact size, compact structure, light weight, low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance.This product features complete functions, low noise, smooth operation, high efficiency, no external leakage, reliable work, beautiful appearance, long service life.Due to the large production volume, so not only high quality, but also low price.As a small hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor power source is very suitable, widely used in engineering machinery, automobile, agricultural machinery, machine tools, medical, health and environmental protection, hydraulic machinery, lifting platform, automation and other industries.Voltage specifications have DC12V/DC24V/DC48V/DC72V /. AC110V AC220V/AC380V, etc.This series of products can be used for hydraulic power unit of leather machinery, hydraulic power unit of cable machinery, hydraulic power unit of forklift truck, etc.The company can design functions according to customers' requirements.

Drawing of lifting platform power unit

This hydraulic power unit is designed for medium and small lifting platform, which is integrated by high gear oil pump, ac motor, multi-purpose integrated block, hydraulic valve, oil tank and other parts.The descent of the lifting platform is controlled by the electromagnetic unloading valve, and the descent speed is controlled by the built-in balance valve.

How does the water tank of dump truck cover car leak

If there is no leakage agent to carry, the individual heat pipe slightly leakage, can be temporarily used to put loose tobacco into the water tank, the use of water circulation pressure, make tobacco plug in the leakage of heat pipe, temporary use.Leakage of radiator heat pipe is more serious, the leakage of the heat pipe can be cut off from the leaking place, with coated with soap cotton ball is cut off the heat pipe, and then with pliers to be cut off the heat pipe head clamp flat and then rolled edge can be tight to stop the leakage.If the rubber tube joint is leaking, the rubber tube joint clip can be wrapped in the rubber tube joint with a screwdriver for the production of power unit with two dumper capping and then tightened with pliers.If the rubber pipe damage, can be used to cover the broken place tightly with the power unit design, temporary use.

Dump truck cap installation guide hydraulic tubing

(5) the suction pipe shall not leak, and the quotation of the power unit used in the cap of the dump truck shall not be too high in resistance, in case of cavitation caused by difficult air intake or oil absorption.

(6) the return tubing mouth should be extended below the oil level of the oil tank to prevent spatter and bubble.The return pipe of the overflow valve cannot be directly connected with the inlet of the pump. It must pass through the oil tank, otherwise the oil temperature will be too high.

(7) all the pipeline installation procedures shall be divided into two parts to carry out the power unit for the extension of the dump truck. First, test assembly shall be carried out, and the pipe joints and flanges shall be spot-welded to the appropriate positions. When all the pipelines pass the trial installation, they shall be removed for pickling before formal installation.

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