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Hydraulic valve block

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Hydraulic valve block

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For such failures, generally speaking, the first care should start from the external internal analysis of the hydraulic system.The internal reasons are mainly caused by the unreasonable system design.Such as unreasonable matching between components, pipeline channel is too thin, elbow, bending radius is small, fuel tank volume is not enough and other factors.This kind of problem should be fully considered in the design stage, otherwise it will cause the inherent deficiency of excavator hydraulic system, which is difficult to overcome after the product is made.

(1) external causes of the hydraulic system heating injection molding machine hydraulic valve wholesale

For example, the engine of komatsu pc200-5 excavator hydraulic pump is connected through the damping damper in the damping box.When dealing with the heating fault of a hydraulic system of an excavator, it was found that the oil level in the damping box was much higher than the observed oil plane screw (generally about 1.5l). However, during the rotation process of the damping damper, a large amount of heat was generated and transferred to the hydraulic pump, resulting in the system heating.

At this point, the fault can be eliminated by releasing the shock absorber oil to the standard oil level.There are two reasons that cause the oil level of the shock absorber box is too high.The second is the hydraulic pump shaft end oil seal aging, so that the hydraulic oil leakage, the latter should remove the plug hydraulic pump to replace the oil seal.

(2) the poor heat dissipation performance of the radiator causes the oil temperature is too high injection molding machine hydraulic valve direct sales

The main form of poor radiator performance is: external heat dissipation fin deformation or blockage, cooling effect is poor;Insufficient cooling fans;The internal pipe of hydraulic oil radiator is blocked.Before both except can intuitionistic judgment outside, still can know from radiator fluctuation tube temperature difference is not big change, should clean radiator fin at this moment, fasten fan belt to wait.For the judgment of the internal pipe obstruction of the hydraulic oil radiator, the pressure gauge can be installed in the radiator inlet and outlet oil channel to check the pressure difference between the two, the oil temperature is about 45oC, the pressure difference is below 0.12mpa in the normal situation, if it is higher than 0.12mpa, it indicates that the oil pipeline obstruction is serious, should remove the radiator upper and lower cover, unclog the pipeline.

(3) hydraulic return oil filter element one-way valve failure caused overheating of hydraulic oil from the hydraulic system schematic diagram, hydraulic system return oil filter element one-way valve and hydraulic oil radiator and connected to the outlet of return oil filter core (see the schematic diagram of pc200-5 hydraulic system).Its function is when the return oil radiator pressure difference in the above 0.185MPa automatically open, short radiator constitute return oil path.Practice, because of the valve is installed at the bottom of the oil return filter is difficult to check and maintenance, combined with the individual operator oily improper selection of hydraulic oil, no oil change for a long time and disrepair, etc., make the oil pollution is serious, lead to the valve is stuck in a normally open position (as well as the valve without authorization removed), so can't return oil radiator cooling effect, and is bound to cause the oil temperature is too high.Check if the valve is stuck when replacing hydraulic oil every time.

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