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Hydraulic valve

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A lot of people are not strange to the elevator, but a lot of people are for the elevator some operational aspects of things may not be special understanding, then the following to tell you, in the elevator operation when we should pay attention to what?

Incorrect operation:

Some customers in the elevator running slower, in order to speed up the operation of the equipment and adjust the factory Settings of the equipment, this is not desirable, in the speed of the equipment changes, must be in contact with the lifting host manufacturers, elevator manufacturers will send special personnel to your debugging, or through the phone guidance.Please do not adjust the device Settings by yourself.Although this customer adjusted the equipment by himself, the explosion-proof device of the lift worked. The pressure was too high. The explosion-proof device was jammed by the whole hydraulic system and the equipment was no longer pressurized.

After the purchase and use of freight elevators, due to improper use or aging, sewage use of hydraulic lift produced a slow speed phenomenon.After the speed slows down, consider the hydraulic fluid flow first.The factors affecting the flow of hydraulic oil are: hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump, motor speed regulating device.The relief valve of the hydraulic lift cannot be adjusted by itself. If there is any problem, please timely communicate with the lift manufacturer to avoid causing your economic loss.

What are the functions of the pressure cylinder of freight elevator?

1. Lifting arm hydraulic cylinder of freight elevator, hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, do linear reciprocating motion (or swing motion) of the hydraulic executive components.

2. It is simple in structure and reliable in work. When it is used to realize reciprocating movement, it can avoid the deceleration device, and there is no transmission clearance, and the movement is stable, making the elevator safe and reliable in operation and stronger in lifting ability. Therefore, it is widely used in the hydraulic system of various lifting machinery.

3. The output force of the freight elevator hydraulic cylinder is directly proportional to the effective area of the piston and the pressure difference on both sides;Hydraulic cylinder basically consists of cylinder cylinder and cylinder head, piston and piston rod;Sealing device;Buffer device and exhaust device. Buffer device and exhaust device depending on the specific application, other devices are essential.

4. The hydraulic cylinder is simple and practical, not easy to damage, greatly improve the mechanical performance of the freight elevator and extend the service life of the freight elevator.

The above is to give you some information about the operation of freight elevator should pay attention to the problem, hope to help you understand, and you need to say that the operation of lifting machinery must be in accordance with the requirements, to avoid some safety accidents.

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