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Hydraulic valve set of bending machine

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Hydraulic valve set of bending machine

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Do you know the main components of the power unit?In the process of design, what aspects are included in the overall design of the power unit?Let's have a look at the details!

1. Basic components of the power unit:

From the analysis of the overall composition, in fact, usually the power unit can be divided into three parts, respectively power system, hydraulic system and electrical system.The power system is mainly composed of engine, transfer box, air filter, intake radiator, intercooler, muffler, battery and fuel tank.The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic oil cooler, hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank and regulating oil cylinder.The electrical system includes the electrical components and the controller integrated in two electrical control cabinets.

2. Overall design of power unit:

Before the design, we need to clarify the module car power unit should meet the requirements: because it is equipped with a transfer box at the output end of the engine, the transfer box drives the hydraulic running motor and the balancing and steering motor respectively, so it should have the characteristics of compact structure and high transmission efficiency.Therefore, when carrying out the overall design, the main body should adopt the frame structure, and the side and top surfaces should be covered with grid plate to enhance the ventilation and heat dissipation effect.

In addition, the upper regulating cylinder connection and the lower hinge shaft connection are usually adopted between the frame and the body. The oil cylinder can be adjusted by shrinking to lift the front end of the power unit, and the elevation Angle from 0° to ~ 10° can be formed according to the site requirements, so as to improve the vehicle approach Angle and off-ground Angle to adapt to the longitudinal slope of the driving road.

In addition, according to the specific working conditions and environmental characteristics provided by the customer, through analyzing the working parameters and types of the module car, the preliminary model of the suitable power unit is established.Then, combined with the requirements of the overall size of the vehicle, the size of the module vehicle power unit should be adjusted accordingly.

From the point of view of the constituent structure, the power unit mainly consists of three parts, namely the power system, hydraulic system and electrical system.The power system is mainly composed of engine, transfer box, intake radiator, battery, intercooler, air filter, muffler fuel tank.The hydraulic system includes hydraulic oil cooler, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic pump and regulating oil cylinder and other components.

Then, in the process of design, what is the main process?Let's take a look at the details of this.

First of all, we need to calculate the hydraulic and power system according to the actual requirements of the power unit, and pay attention to the reasonable choice of engine type.

Next is about the installation rack design of power unit, and the layout arrangement of relevant parts.For example, in a certain occasion, considering the installation frame and the structural characteristics of the engine, the installation method of the engine is the suspension type, with three points as the support.One of them is supported by the fan end, and the other two points are supported by the two legs of the transfer case, which is connected to the flywheel housing of the engine.The hydraulic oil pump is connected to the engine flywheel through the coupling of the transfer case for the engine power output.

Each component of the power unit is adjusted accordingly, and the structure of the mounting frame is optimized.In this process, mainly in the installation of the layout of the rack for three-dimensional modeling.Adjust components that interfere with each other, affect use or are not conducive to maintenance to ensure that each component can perform its own functions in the mounting frame.

In addition, after the installation and fixation of each component, it is necessary to conduct finite element analysis of the mounting frame in combination with its stress condition and the vibration condition of the power unit.Optimize and improve the problems found to ensure that the optimized power unit can be used normally.

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