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Ningbo hydraulic valve set

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Ningbo hydraulic valve set

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Hydraulic power unit USES very wide, industry, agriculture, Marine, aviation, military all use hydraulic power, it is simple and easy to use small space, low power output consumption, high utilization rate, saving resources and other characteristics, now mainly used for: ningbo hydraulic valve group

1. Large dump truck unloading hydraulic device.

2. Crane lifting hydraulic device.

3. Hydraulic blank forming device.

4. Hydraulic drainage and exhaust device.

5. Hydraulic booster device, etc.

Preparation work before design of hydraulic power unit:

First, we need to complete the hydraulic and power system calculation, and to determine the engine model and specifications.Then, according to the calculation results of the hydraulic system, and referring to the existing engine products in the product library of various engine manufacturers, choose the engine products that meet the requirements of the size of the hydraulic power unit, especially the requirements of the height.

Hydraulic power unit design process: hydraulic valve group agent

The following is to consider the actual situation, reasonable design of hydraulic power unit installation frame and the layout of each component.Generally, according to the structural characteristics of the mounting frame and the engine, the installation of the engine adopts the suspension type, the engine is supported at three points, one of which is supported at the fan end, the other two points are supported by two legs of the transmission box, and the transmission box is connected with the engine flywheel shell.The hydraulic oil pump is connected to the engine flywheel through the coupling of the transfer case for the engine power output.

After finishing the layout of each part, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments and optimize the structural strength of the mounting rack.Such as through each component in the power unit in the mounting bracket arrangement in 3 d modeling, to have a mutual interference between the parts, influence use, not easy to maintain parts position adjustment, especially for the engine cooling system through the adjustment and test of each component can play to their respective functions in the mounting bracket.

Hydraulic power unit design considerations: under normal circumstances, after the components are fixed, and then combined with the force of the whole and the parts of the force and the vibration of the power unit, the finite element analysis was carried out on the rack, for some of the stress concentration location is optimized and reinforcement, thus ensuring the intensity of the use of the power unit.

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