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Hydraulic valve group agent

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Hydraulic valve group agent

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If we have any knowledge of the internal structure of the hydraulic system, we know that it includes some basic pressure lever components.In fact, it is because of these parts that the hydraulic cylinder can complete the work of conveying pressure oil. Only in this way can the energy be converted into pressure energy and provide the necessary power for the equipment.After a series of operations, the output oil can finally push the piston movement inside the equipment, which realizes the power conversion, so this is the main function of the power unit.

Hydraulic power unit for the stable operation of the entire hydraulic system is very important, to ensure the normal work efficiency, the use of hydraulic power unit to do the following:

1, the user should understand the working principle of hydraulic system, familiar with the various operations and adjust the position of the handle and rotate to 2, should check before driving system on the handles, the handwheel is irrelevant personnel, the position of the electric switch and travel switch is normal, host tools installation is correct and strong, to guide and exposed portion of the piston rod is wiped, starts the operating system, should immediately check to the amount of oil is enough in the tank.Then drive.

3, when starting, first start the hydraulic pump control oil line, no special control oil line hydraulic pump, can directly start the main hydraulic pump.

4. After 100 hours of use of the system, replace the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil every 3000 hours.After the boarding bridge hydraulic power unit every six months to one year to clean and change oil, hydraulic oil cleaning grade: ISO 4006 (: 99) 18/15 or NAS1638 9~10, the product oil must be filtered by 10-25 filter car before it can be used as working oil.

5. Pay attention to the oil at any time during work. When working normally, the oil temperature in the oil tank should not exceed 60℃.If the oil temperature is too high, try to cool it down and use a higher viscosity hydraulic oil.When the temperature is too low, it should be preheated or run intermittently before operation, so that the oil temperature gradually increases, and then enter the formal working state.

6, check the oil level, ensure that the system has enough oil, oil tank filling capacity should be 90% of the capacity, the minimum oil should not be less than 85%.

7. The system with an exhaust device should exhaust air, and the system without an exhaust device should be reciprocated for many times to make it discharge gas naturally.

8. The oil tank should be sealed with a seal. Air filter should be set at the air vent above the oil tank to prevent the invasion of dirt and water.Oil should be filtered when refueling to make the oil clean.

9, the system should be configured according to the needs of coarse, fine filters, filters should be regularly checked, cleaned and replaced.

10, for the adjustment of pressure control elements, generally first adjust the system pressure control valve -- overflow valve, from the pressure is zero, open and adjust, gradually increase the pressure, make it reach the specified pressure value;Then adjust the pressure control valve of each loop in turn.The regulating pressure of the safety relief valve of the hydraulic pump in the main oil line is generally greater than 10% to 25% of the working pressure required by the actuator.Fast moving hydraulic pump pressure valve, its adjustment pressure is generally greater than the required pressure 10%- 20%.If unloading pressure supply is used to control the oil and lubricating oil lines, the pressure should be maintained in the range of 0.3--0.6MPa.The adjusting pressure of the pressure relay should generally be lower than the oil supply pressure of 0.3-0.5mpa.

11, the flow control valve from small flow to large flow, and should be gradually adjusted.The flow control valve of the execution element of synchronous movement of the power unit of automobile lifting machine should be adjusted at the same time to ensure the smoothness of movement.

12. Power supply voltage tolerance range: ±10%.

13,.Before installation, the hydraulic components such as oil cylinder, oil pipe and joint must be clean without any impurities. The first two teeth must be reserved for the raw material belt winding at the joint to prevent it from falling off and entering the hydraulic system of the power unit.

14, non-standard power units can be ordered separately, such as: plastic pipe welding machine, snowplow, disability car, electric basketball frame, boarding bridge, tire scraper, sawing machine and other power units.

15, recommended use of oil :ISO vg22-46 (0℃-70℃) :ISO VG15 (-15℃-0℃).

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