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Hydraulic valve set brand

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Hydraulic valve set brand

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Hydraulic drive features:

From the perspective of energy transfer: hydraulic technology is roughly in the middle of mechanical energy transfer and electrical energy transfer.

From the perspective of transmission characteristics: mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission device can be said to have fixed characteristics, on the contrary, hydraulic transmission device and electrical transmission device the same, with the characteristics of variable speed device, in addition to constant power, but also easy to achieve constant speed and torque characteristics.

This characteristic of hydraulic technology can be generally summarized as follows:

1. It is easy to carry out stepless speed change, with a wide range of speed change, that is, it is easy to adjust the force and torque in a wide range;2. Good control performance, that is, force, speed and position can be controlled correctly with high response speed.In addition, electrical, mechanical and other control methods have good adaptability, especially when combined with electrical signal processing, can obtain excellent response characteristics;3. Reliable action and good operation performance;

4. Moderately flexible in structure and characteristics;

5, can use standard components to achieve arbitrary complex functions of the circuit.

The reason that forms these characteristics: lie in to use positive displacement type element to act as ability converter namely hydraulic pump and hydraulic actuator, use rich lubricity oil (hydraulic oil) to act as working medium.The general disadvantages of hydraulic technology are also related to hydraulic oils.These shortcomings can be summarized as follows:

1. Oil leakage;

2. Where special precision control is required, the contamination of hydraulic oil will have adverse effects on the characteristics of components and devices.That is to say, the management of hydraulic oil has a great impact on reliability and component life.

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Address:No. 6007, zhenpu road, xiepu town, zhenhai district, Ningbo

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