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Principle of hydraulic valve set

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Principle of hydraulic valve set

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Hydraulic drive:

1. High transmission power, low speed and stable;2. Overload protection;3. Flexible transmission arrangement.

(1) central drive mode: the hydraulic drive device replaces the traditional mechanical or hydraulic mechanical drive device, and retains the original drive axle, steering, differential speed, and four-wheel grounding balance of the vehicle.

The advantages of this drive mode are simple structure, stepless variable speed ability, improved power utilization, strong interchangeability with traditional vehicle parts, suitable for mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission products serialization.The disadvantage is that the structural layout of the vehicle has not been fundamentally changed, and the performance and traction characteristics of the vehicle have not changed qualitatively.

(2) independent wheel drive.Characteristics are as follows: a, flexible structure layout, can form a variety of new structures and.B, motor drive device for bulk supply of a variety of components.C. Differential function is provided when two side motors are connected in parallel to form an oil circuit, which can realize deflector wheel or vehicle price steering.D. When the motor on both sides is independently supplied with oil, differential lock function is formed, which can realize differential steering on both sides from forced straight line driving.E. Effective braking can be achieved through the parking brake or driving brake on the differential.F, no need for drive axle device, simple vehicle structure, easy to repair and replace components.G, the biggest problem with this form is that the required wide transmission range of the vehicle is limited by the infinitesimal device.

Hydraulic principle: ningbo stacked high car power unit

Hydraulic principle in a certain mechanical, electronic system, depending on the static pressure of the liquid medium, to complete the energy backlog, transmission, amplification, to achieve the mechanical function of the light, scientific, maximize.Using hydraulic principle, hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic control system can be constructed.The basic function of the hydraulic circuit is the easily controlled transfer of energy in the form of liquid pressure energy.

Basic composition:

A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, the power element, the executive element, the control element, the auxiliary element and the hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic advantages:


1, the car lifting machine power unit of various components, according to the need to be convenient and flexible to arrange.

2. Light weight, small volume, small motion inertia and fast reaction speed.

3, convenient control, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed regulation range up to 2000:1).

4. Overload protection can be realized automatically.

5, generally using mineral oil as the working medium, relative to the movement surface can be self-lubrication, long service life.

6. It is easy to achieve linear motion.

7, it is easy to realize the automation of the machine, when the use of electro-hydraulic joint control, not only to achieve a higher degree of automatic control process, but also to achieve remote control.


1. Low efficiency due to high resistance and leakage of fluid flow.If not handled properly, the leak will not only contaminate the site, the power unit of zhejiang lifting platform, but also cause fire and explosion accidents.

2. As the working performance is easily affected by the temperature change, it is not suitable to work at very high or very low temperature.

3, the manufacturing accuracy of hydraulic components is higher, so the price is more expensive.

4. Due to the leakage of liquid medium and the influence of compressibility, strict transmission ratio cannot be obtained.

5, hydraulic transmission failure is not easy to find out the reason;Use and maintenance requires a high technical level.

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