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Hydraulic valve set design

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Hydraulic valve set design

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Working principle:

Hydraulic station is also called the hydraulic pump station, motor drive the oil pump, the pump from the fuel tank preview after oil absorption, can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure and hydraulic oil through the integrated block (or valve) by hydraulic valve realizes the direction, pressure, flow rate adjustment after the external transmission line to the oil cylinder of hydraulic machinery or oil motor, so as to control the size of the liquid motive direction transformation, power and speed of speed, drive all kinds of hydraulic machinery work is done.

Hydraulic station is independent of the hydraulic device and its oil supply, according to the requirements of driving device (host) and control the oil flow direction, pressure and flow, it is suitable for the host and the hydraulic device can separate all kinds of hydraulic machinery, the oil pump driven by motor rotation, pump from the fuel tank preview after oil absorption, can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure.

After the customer purchases, as long as the hydraulic station is connected with the actuator on the main engine (oil cylinder and oil motor) with tubing, the hydraulic machinery can realize all kinds of specified actions and working cycles.

Basic classification:

The structure form of hydraulic station, mainly to the pump device structure form, installation position and cooling way to distinguish.

Structural form:

1. Piston type

A single piston rod hydraulic cylinder has only one end of the piston rod.A single piston hydraulic cylinder is shown.The two ends of the inlet and outlet oil A and B can pass through the pressure oil or oil back, to achieve two-way movement, so called double-acting cylinder.

2. Plunger type

(1) the plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a single action type hydraulic cylinder, relying on the hydraulic pressure can only achieve one direction of movement, the plunger return journey to rely on other external forces or plunger weight;(2) the plunger only rely on the cylinder liner support and not contact with the cylinder liner, so the cylinder liner is easy to process, it is suitable for doing long stroke hydraulic cylinder;(3) the work of the plunger total compression, so it must have enough stiffness;(4) plunger weight is often larger, horizontal placement is easy to sag due to gravity, resulting in seal and guide unilateral wear, so its vertical use is more favorable.

3. Telescopic

The telescopic hydraulic cylinder has two or more pistons, the telescopic hydraulic cylinder in the order of the piston from large to small, and the order of no-load retraction is generally from small to large.Telescopic cylinder can achieve a longer stroke, but when retracting the length is shorter, the structure is more compact.This kind of hydraulic cylinder is often used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

4. Swing type

Swing type hydraulic cylinder is the output torque and realize reciprocating movement of the executive component, also known as swing type hydraulic motor.There are single and double leaf forms.The stator block is fixed to the cylinder block and the blades are connected to the rotor.According to the direction of oil intake, the blade will drive the rotor to swing back and forth.


Functional components:

Hydraulic station is composed of pump device, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank, electrical box combination, each component function is as follows:

Pump unit - equipped with motor and oil pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic station, mechanical energy into hydraulic oil power.

Integrated block - is a combination of hydraulic valve and channel body.It carries out direction, pressure and flow regulation to hydraulic oil.

Valve assembly - plate valve installed on the vertical plate, plate after the pipe connection, and integrated block function.

Oil tank - a semi-closed steel welded container with an oil screen, air filter, etc. It is used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.

Electrical box -- divided into two forms: a terminal board with external leads;One is equipped with a full set of control appliances [1].


1. Motor and gear pump -- provide driving force for the hydraulic system.

2, electromagnetic directional valve -- control the direction of hydraulic oil flow, change the direction of movement of the oil cylinder.

3, electromagnetic relief valve -- to prevent the entire hydraulic system overpressure, equivalent to the safety valve, to protect the safety of the oil pump and oil system and keep the pressure of the hydraulic system constant.

4, pressure reducing valve -- by adjusting the pressure reducing valve can meet the requirements of different working mechanisms need different working pressure, so that the secondary oil pressure is lower than the primary oil pressure.

5, speed regulating valve - to throttle the oil road speed regulating, can change the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder executive components.

5. Hydraulic oil filter -- there are two oil filter ports in the hydraulic station.One installed in the gear pump oil suction mouth, so as not to inhale the oil tank hydraulic particles and other impurities.The other one is installed in the hydraulic oil conveying pipeline of the system to remove impurities in the hydraulic oil, but also to remove the gelatinous, asphaltene and carbonized particles generated by the chemical changes of the hydraulic oil itself.So as to prevent the valve core stuck, blocked damping hole and other failures.The pipe system is equipped with a differential pressure alarm device. When the filter element is blocked, a signal will be sent and the filter element should be cleaned or replaced.

7. Pressure gauge -- used to show the working pressure of the hydraulic station, so that the operator can control the oil pressure.

8, air filter - installed on the tank, has three functions, one is to prevent air pollution into the tank;Second, the role of ventilation, to avoid the phenomenon of suction empty oil pump;Third, and do hydraulic oil supplement port.

9. Oil level meter -- mounted on the side of the tank, shows the liquid level of hydraulic oil.

10. Thermometer -- some oil tanks have thermometers that show the temperature of the hydraulic fluid.

11, connection pipeline - conveying hydraulic driving force, most of the steel pipe, but also useful pressure rubber

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