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Small shear hydraulic power unit tddl-02

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Small shear hydraulic power unit tddl-02

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Small shear hydraulic power unit

Product description:

This hydraulic power unit is composed of oil pump, motor, multi-purpose integrated block, hydraulic valve, oil tank, filter and other parts and components

Cartridge relief valve, one-way valve, throttle valve and electromagnetic unloading valve.The platform rises with the opening of the motor, and opens the solenoid valve to realize the descending speed

Throttle adjustment.This sharp power unit is widely used in all kinds of shear lifting platforms and stacked high vehicles..






1. Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that hydraulic components such as oil cylinder, oil pipe and joint are clean and free from any magazine adhesion.

2. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15~68CST. It should be clean and free of impurities.

3. This hydraulic system is suitable for vertical installation. The oil tank is below.

4. When starting the operation system for the first time, check whether the oil in the oil tank is sufficient.

5. After the first 100 hours of use of the system, replace the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil every 3000 hours thereafter.

6. If you need different system parameters, such as flow rate, pressure, motor power, etc., please specify when ordering.

Product introduction:

Country of origin:


Brand name:

Heaven and earth hydraulic





Terms of payment and shipment:

Minimum order quantity:

10 sets of

Reference price:

600.00-1500.00 / sets

Package details:

Carton packing, wooden pallet packing

Delivery time:

25 working days after the payment is received in advance

Payment terms:


Supply capacity:

5500 a month

In the process of use, the hydraulic drive unit is used as a decoration for its oil supply. In the process of use, it mainly controls the whole hydraulic cylinder continuously through its external pipeline system. The hydraulic drive unit is a relatively independent closed power oil source system composed of oil pump, accumulator and oil tank.

The oil station in the hydraulic drive unit can be effectively controlled by PLC. The equipment can control all its internal hydraulic functions in the process of operation, and then generate its signal to directly exchange with the control room. Compared with the control elements in the equipment, the hydraulic servo valve is directly installed on the oil cylinder.

The hydraulic drive unit directly feeds its high-pressure oil into the cylinder, and it can directly release its high-pressure oil in the process of use. Under normal conditions, the oil pump in the equipment will directly supply its oil to the system, so that the rated pressure of the system can be maintained in the process of use.

Hydraulic drive unit in any position of the valve protection function, the product in the working state of its hydraulic execution equipment is controlled by the solenoid valve, the system command signal, will be a good control of its accumulator and oil pressure energy release.

The mechanism of mechanical transmission in the hydraulic drive unit drives the valve, which can realize its rapid closing. In the normal opening and closing of the equipment and guo Chen's experimental control, the high-pressure oil can be fixed on the valve stem or directly used as its actuator.

The hydraulic driving unit adopts the hydraulic station with special driving technology, which is mainly used to control the action of the actuator of its steam turbine and steam valve system. The power unit in the equipment is mainly designed for various application conditions, which can be used in harsh environment or long time with heavy load.

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