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Basketball rack hydraulic power unit tddl-03

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Basketball rack hydraulic power unit tddl-03

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Basketball rack hydraulic power unit

Product description:

This hydraulic power unit is specially designed for electric basketball frame, which consists of high pressure gear, motor, multi-purpose integrated block, insert valve, stack valve, oil tank and other parts

Organic combination as a whole, constitute two independent typical hydraulic lifting gravity descending circuit, used for backboard and basketball frame wheel lifting movement, pressure compensation

The application of the counterbalance valve makes the backboard and wheel fall smoothly.






Model specifications:

TDDL-03-P1.6R5L220V0.75KW1.6ml/r16MPa卧式5L24V DCM14*1.5TDDL-02-P2.1R5L380V2.1ml/r


1. Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that hydraulic components such as oil cylinder, oil pipe and joint are clean and free from any magazine adhesion.

2. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15~68CST. It should be clean and free of impurities.

3. This hydraulic system is suitable for vertical installation. The oil tank is below.

4. When starting the operation system for the first time, check whether the oil in the oil tank is sufficient.

5. After the first 100 hours of use of the system, replace the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil every 3000 hours thereafter.

6. If you need different system parameters, such as flow rate, pressure, motor power, etc., please specify when ordering.

Product introduction:

Country of origin:


Brand name:

Heaven and earth hydraulic





Terms of payment and shipment:

Minimum order quantity:

10 sets of

Reference price:

600.00-1500.00 / sets

Package details:

Carton packing, wooden pallet packing

Delivery time:

25 working days after the payment is received in advance

Payment terms:


Supply capacity:

5500 a month

Power unit gear pump common 5 faults, can not know:

Pump oil

If in the main engine debugging found gear pump oil, first check gear pump rotation direction is correct.Gear pump has left, right rotation, if the direction of rotation is not right, the internal gear meshing produced by the volume of the formation of pressure oil will make the oil seal is flushed bad and leakage.Secondly, check the gear pump inlet end of the filter is blocked, will cause oil absorption difficult or less than oil, and produce oil suction rubber tube is suction deviation.

The oil seal was flushed out

(1) gear pump rotation direction is not right.When the rotary direction of the pump is not correct, the high pressure oil will go directly to the oil seal. Because the low pressure skeleton oil seal can withstand the pressure of 0.5MPa at most, the oil seal will be rushed out.

(2) gear pump bearing by axial force.Produce axial force is often associated with gear pump shaft extension end and even shaft sleeve with too tight, that is, the pump will be installed with a hammer or through the installation of screw hard pull and the pump shaft by a backward axial force, when the pump shaft rotation, after the axial force will force the pump wear intensified.Because the internal gear pump is on the end face of the gear and shaft sleeve end face joint seal, when its axial seal end face wear serious, the pump internal axial seal will produce a certain gap, resulting in high and low pressure oil chamber and make the oil seal out.This kind of situation appears more in the dump truck industry, mainly because the size of the axle sleeve on the main engine is wrong.

(3) gear pump bear too much radial force.If the gear pump installation of coaxiality is not good, will make the pump radial force beyond the limit of bearing oil seal, will cause oil seal leakage.In the meantime, also can cause the floating bearing inside the pump to be damaged.

Not under pressure or pressure

This phenomenon is mostly related to the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, such as the oil selection is not correct or the use of oil cleanliness does not meet the standard requirements, will accelerate the gear pump internal wear, resulting in internal leakage.

The traffic is not up to standard

(1) the oil inlet filter element is too dirty and oil absorption is insufficient;(2) the installation height of the pump is higher than the self-priming height of the pump;(3) gear pump suction tubing too thin resulting in large oil absorption resistance;(4) the oil suction port joint leakage causes insufficient oil absorption in the oil pump.You can tell if the system is leaking by looking for air bubbles in the tank.


(1) overload of the system, mainly manifested in excessive pressure or speed;(2) poor cleanliness of oil, intensified internal wear, reduced volumetric efficiency, and generated heat from internal clearance leakage throttling;(3) the outlet pipe is too thin and the oil flow rate is too high.

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