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Dump truck with hydraulic power unit tddl-07

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Dump truck with hydraulic power unit tddl-07

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Dump truck with hydraulic power unit

Product description:

This hydraulic power unit is designed for the boarding bridge, by high pressure gear pump, dc motor, multi-purpose integrated block, various hydraulic valves, fuel tank and other parts

It is used for lifting the main deck and the front deck of the boarding bridge.When the main deck rises in place, the front strap automatically rises, the main deck and the front strap

The descent of the plate is realized by the solenoid valve, and the descent speed of the main deck and front strap plate is adjusted by the throttle valve, so that the descent speed is within the reliable range.







Model specifications:

TDDL-07-P2R3LU1212V DC1.5KW2ml/r19MPa卧式3L12V DCM14*1.5TDDL-07-P1.6R3LU121.6ml/rTDDL-07-P2R3LU2424V DC1.5KW2ml/r24V DCTDDL-07-P1.6R3LU241.6ml/r

TDDL-07-P2R3LU1212V DC1.5KW2ml/r19MPa3L12V DCM14*1.5TDDL-07-P1.6R3LU121.6ml/rTDDL-07-P2R3LU2424V DC1.5KW2ml/r24V DCTDDL-07-P1.6R3LU241.6ml/r


1. Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that hydraulic components such as oil cylinder, oil pipe and joint are clean and free from any magazine adhesion.

2. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15~68CST. It should be clean and free of impurities.

3. This hydraulic system is suitable for vertical installation. The oil tank is below.

4. When starting the operation system for the first time, check whether the oil in the oil tank is sufficient.

5. After the first 100 hours of use of the system, replace the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil every 3000 hours thereafter.

6. If you need different system parameters, such as flow rate, pressure, motor power, etc., please specify when ordering.

Product introduction:

Country of origin:


Brand name:

Heaven and earth hydraulic





Terms of payment and shipment:

Minimum order quantity:

10 sets of

Reference price:

600.00-1500.00 / sets

Reference price:

Carton packing, wooden pallet packing

Delivery time:

25 working days after the payment is received in advance

Payment terms:


Supply capacity:

5500 a month

Power element exists because it can transfer the original produce mechanical energy into liquid flow pressure can provide power to the whole process of hydraulic. Hydraulic pump form the basic structure of the gear pump, plunger pump and the vane pump, the pressure of the liquid can be driven actuators would turn into mechanical energy, driving load system, linear or rotary movement back and forth. Control element is mainly have the effect of control and regulation, make the pressure, direction and flow rate of liquid control. Pressure control valve with pressure reducing valve, relief valve, sequence valve and pressure relay. Flow control valve contains a control valve, throttle valve, shunt valve and so on. The direction controlSystem valve contains a check valve, reversing valve, hydraulic valve, etc. According to different forms of hydraulic control, and can be divided into the control valve, proportional control valve and switch on the control valve of hydraulic power unit turn electricity opportunities prompted oil pump, the pump will suck oil from the oil pump to preview, to convert mechanical energy into the hydraulic oil forces, through hydraulic integrated block can realize the adjustment of the pressure, flow, direction after from outside to take over the pass into the oil cylinder or motor, so that control the rotation direction of the hydraulic power unit, power, size, speed, screw drive hydraulic press to do mechanical work. The structure of hydraulic station is mainly depending on the structure of the pump device,The location of the installation and cooling to distinguish different kind of must be strictly enforced daily maintenance instructions manual, on the basis of the need to strengthen the protection for the hydraulic power unit, especially the motor core parts, such as voltage whether use standardization, whether before and after each use to check whether normal, etc., to do a good job of cleaning the hydraulic power unit, the working frequency of lifting equipment, timely detection of the internal wire is normal, avoid because in a short period of time the ultra frequency using a serious accident.Secondly, in the event of failure, do not disassemble the relevant parts, should timely contact my company!

In the working state, the hydraulic actuator is controlled by the solenoid valve, the system command signal makes the solenoid valve move, control the oil pressure and the energy release of the accumulator, and then control the oil cylinder slide valve, drive the valve through the mechanical transmission mechanism, and implement the quick closing, normal opening and closing and test control.The high pressure cylinder can be fixed on the valve stem or directly used as an actuator.The excess hydraulic oil is returned to the hydraulic station so that the piping system can control several parallel valves with one inlet pipe and one return pipe.This hydraulic station with special drive technology is used to control the actuators of the main steam valve and the turbine bypass system.

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